Current position:Quality guarantee >> Quality inspection

  Quality control is made according to the national standards and company standards higher than the national standards.

  Full-automatic defects detecting machines were imported from Germany with big investment and CCD technology adopted for the ultra-thin float glass production for electronics purposes and ultra-thick glass production for glass deep-processing, and on-line real-time inspection can be made for all the defects of greater than 0.1mm, and automatic glass classification and optimum glass cutting can be realized according to the inspection result. Statistics and analysis of the data reflecting glass quality can be made and feed-back graphs sent to the production department as the basis for adjustment of process parameters, thus further improving the product quality.

  Quality inspection is made according National Standards GB11614 - 1999 and GB18701 - 2002 and Company Standards Q/LYLB02.02 - 2002 and Q/LYLB02.01 - 2002.

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